So the other day I googled one of my favorite phrases: beautiful anachronism.

That led me to a blog called eclexys.

And, no…I don’t know what eclexys means. And, yes…I looked it up. [Update: Here is the author’s explanation.]


More specifically, I landed on a post about how great it would be to find your grandma’s blog. Can you imagine?

But personally, I would have loved to read my grandparents’ blogs, seen their photostreams, watched their videoblogs one by one. Beautiful anachronism, and wonderful to experience people whose genes you share, who live in another time that, in some ways, feels more like another place.

Yes indeed. The past is a foreign country, as I like to say.

The author also reflects on how cool it would be for just one of his descendants to find his eclexys posts. Assuming, that is, that they aren’t destroyed by bitrot first. Bitrot is my new favorite digital term, by the way. Hooray for eclexys!

Read the entire eclexys post here.

P.S. I spent all day today in a workshop about digitizing analog sound recordings. As a bonus, I got to see some library school buddies of mine, including David Seubert of the incredible wax cylinder digitization project. I’ve got lots of tips to share with you from the workshops, but a major review might not happen until the weekend. While you’re waiting, why not visit David’s project website and download some free MP3s? You’ll be glad you did.

gordsellar May 20, 2007 at 12:33 am

By the way: have you checked out Rudy Rucker’s book on the Lifebox, The Seashell, and the Soul? I have a feeling you’d enjoy his idea of the Lifebox.

(I left this comment also on the site that I got the trackback via — yours didn’t register on my server.)

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