Tintype Parlor = Faux Vintage Fun

by Sally J.

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Holy beautiful anachronism, Batman! I just learned you can buy a kit and make your own tintype photographs. It’s called “Tintype Parlor” and here’s the description:

An authentic re-creation of the tintype process, a type of “instant” photography that was popular in your great-grandparent’s day. These are authentic dry-plate tintypes, also known as ferrotypes, like those found in antique shops– not modern imitations. Plates are thin enough to cut with scissors to fit inside any camera. The kit contains everything you need to make tintypes (called ambrotypes if coated on glass.)

“Tintype Parlor” contains 5 metal plates size 4×5 inches plus emulsion, tintype reversal developer and fixer…….. $30.00

Rockland Colloid, Inc.

Let’s make a pact to create faux vintage tintypes. We’ll confound future generations with 2007 tintypes of iPods, 8-tracks and steampunk computers. C’mon, it’ll make a great bit on Antiques Roadshow someday.

For definitions of tintypes and ambrotypes, choose a source: SAA Glossary; Wikipedia; Antiques Roadshow.


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