Talk amongst yourselves…

by Sally J.

I’m on my way out of town for a much needed family vacation.

While I’m away, I’m leaning on ya’ll to keep the content of The Practical Archivist blog fresh & interesting.

I’m unabashedly stealing from two of my favorite entertainers.

From Mike Myers, I’m stealing the Linda Richman trick of stating a topic an imploring viewers to discuss.

From Chris over at Genealogue, I’m stealing the topic of discussion (which he nicked from a neat-o thread at Mental Floss).

* What’s the oldest thing you own?

* What’s the oldest thing you use regularly?

(OK. I admit it’s not as funny as “The Thigh Master is neither a thigh nor a master. Discuss.” but I do what I can…)

Turns out Higgins of Mental Floss fame looked around his house and had a hard time finding anything from earlier than 1990. (!) He then asks: “Am I living in an unusually modern space, or does everybody pretty much live around new stuff? Have people always had all-new stuff, or is this a recent development? What does it say about my job that all the tools I use for work (computers and such) are all, at most, about three years old?”

What do you say, family archivists? I’m thinking we can smoke the Mental Floss readership in the history department.

How you can help: Leave a note in the comments field about your oldest treasures. Upload a photo (or photos) to Flickr with the tag “oldestpractical” and I’ll feature it in my first post after I return next week. I’ll also reveal my oldest treasures.

One last note: This seems like a good time to run down the rules for the Practical Archivist comments section: No spam. No dissing other people’s treasures.

Thanks for your assistance, dear readers. I’m off to the Chippewa Valley. Woo hoo!


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