Oh, my. I love that phrase so much I built a whole goshdarn series around it. The Talismanic Aura of Authenticity – The Series This is Part 1 in a series exploring why certain objects have a kind of power over us. It’s is the kind of power that transforms an ordinary object into a […]

Post-It notes are only temporary. Is it safe to put then on photographs?

  10 Years Ago I.. Hand coded my first website. Received my Master’s in Library Science with a Specialization in Archives Management. Began my job as Assistant Corporate Archivist / Image Researcher at American Girl. Turned thirty. Married the love of my life. Five Things on Today’s To-Do List Wake up my kids, make them […]

Anyone who’s played photographer at family functions knows that, even if everyone stays perfectly still, there’s always someone who blinks. Here’s an article explaining how many shots you need to take in order to (almost) guarantee you get one where no-one is blinking. Fortunately, someone has devised a formula: The probability of one person not […]

Sure, winter in Wisconsin is cold (sometimes really cold). And dark (sometimes way too dark). But it can also be delightful. Last weekend, we got about 20″ of snow. Good packing snow, as we like to say. I dug around in our boxes of craft supplies for something that could pass for coal and discovered […]

.The Practical Archivist’s (First Ever) Call-In Radio Show I’ll be hosting a one time only radio call-in program on our local community radio station WORT. Fabulous Rock Star Mama Lisa Hinzman has agreed to be my Ed McMahon. Suh–weet! I’ll share some simple tips on how to organize your photographs and conquer the clutter once […]

“It is a sad fact of human history that so many efforts to record the milestones of human endeavors have failed over the centuries, but the enduring wonder is that so much has survived the long haul.” Nicholas BasbaneA Splendor of Letters “The Rock and Roll History Museum is an impenetrable fortress!” Ben Stiller as […]

Denise over at Family Matters tagged me as part of a genealogy bloggers “get acquainted” exercise. Here’s my five things about myself that you probably don’t know: I never wanted to be an archivist when I grew up. When I applied to the University of Wisconsin – Madison as a high school senior, I was […]