The curse of the half-finished project. Photo by Ben Kelly, pope24, some rights reserved You made your New Year’s Resolutions. You started your photo organizing project with tons of enthusiasm. Oh, yes, you told yourself. This year is going to be different. But now it’s February, Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and…well… Here are […]

. You know how sometimes you click on a link and get an error message that says something like: 404 File Not Found? Apelad created a set of illustrations for these kinds of HTTP error messages. You can see all of them in his flickr set. My favorite is the one you see above. It’s […]

I don’t know about you, but need a break from all the headaches of digital preservation. Lots of questions and speculation, very few concrete answers. I’ll return to this topic in a while (I promise) but until then, let’s take a break and have a bit of fun, eh? The video above is a delightful […]

Holy beautiful anachronism, Batman! I just learned you can buy a kit and make your own tintype photographs. It’s called “Tintype Parlor” and here’s the description: An authentic re-creation of the tintype process, a type of “instant” photography that was popular in your great-grandparent’s day. These are authentic dry-plate tintypes, also known as ferrotypes, like […]

Rotary Dial Modem (?)

by Sally J.

. Great googly-moogly…a rotary dial modem! Can you imagine? Would a rotary phone still work if you plugged one in today? Someone told me it would, but I’m skeptical for some reason. Help me out if you know, readers. I learned about the retro comic from Wil Wheaton, who stumbled onto it while doing research […]

I have a big goofy sentimental attachment to cassette tapes. My personal archive has at least a half dozen mixtapes and original recordings that I can’t bear to part with. Our house also has a drawer full of random cassettes that no one ever plays. Evah. Now that we can hook up the ipod to […]

. When I get nifty geeky email, I like to pass it along: Dear Sally I enjoy your blog. This appeared on another list,and seemed right up your street. Andrew Millard A real thrill for the computer historian; see the very first computer“bug” preserved as a museum specimen..

Imagine it’s 1886. Everyone wants a portrait of the baby, who just won’t sit still for the camera long enough. Look very closely at this photo and you’ll see a clever trick to calm a fretful baby: Disguise the mother as a chairHere’s what the owner of this image says: I have a small collection […]

The Wisconsin Historical Society is celebrating the first mass produced typewriter. There’s a wonderful five-minute read on their website. It also includes links to more information. Highlights include: Bigger, juicier photos. This beautiful antique makes my iPod look cold, lifeless and dead. And I lurrrve my iPod. It wasn’t the inventor who licensed the technology […]

I thought this was hilarious. “This Computer Is Never Obsolete!” screams the sticker. Apparently eMachines is offering some sort of free-upgrades-for-life to back up that claim? Riiiight. Thought not. Who writes this stuff, anyway? This great photo taken by the Guru Guys.Link found via digg.