story catching

Tulsa’s buried car isn’t the only time capsule ruined by leaking water and mud. When I was a eight years old, my hometown decided to bury a time capsule. It was 1976 — the U.S.’s bicentennial — and everyone had History Fever! The opening of the time capsule was scheduled for July 4, 2000, which […]

Ben, my youngest, turned four last month. One of his birthday presents was the book you see above. (Thanks, cousin Jacob!) I am not exaggerating when I say that Flotsam blew me away. This jaw-droppingly beautiful book doesn’t have a single word of narrative text. Yet it spins an unforgettable tale of undersea cities with […]

.Saving our Stories Ideas, tips, and talk about preserving your stories and photographs. Sarah White, First Person Productions, will discuss how we save the stories of our lives. Find the approach that suits you best – writing, guided reminiscing, scrapbooking, interviewing, and more. Sally Jacobs, The Practical Archivist, will share her secrets of photo storage, […]

Today I tried out a new video search tool called blinx. (Ugh. How much do you think they paid for that awful name, eh? Too much, no doubt.) It’s not a video hosting site like youtube, it just points to videos posted on other sites. There’s a nifty feature called The Wall which displays your […]

My favorite story catching trick. They say a photograph is worth a thousand words, but with each passing generation your family photographs become more and more mute. The next time you are at a family gathering, why not use my favorite video camera trick to record the stories behind your photographs. What happens when people […]