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The Link Roundup. There’s plenty of interesting stuff out there on the intertubes. For this new feature, I will find ’em, rope ’em and serve ’em up to you with little or no commentary. Quick n’ dirty. Ready? Here we go… READ: * Randy Seaver over at Genea Musings gives a wonderful real-world example of […]

.Before I give away my all-time favorite research trick, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to new readers who discovered this blog via Family Tree Magazine. Not only was I featured in Fern Glazer’s wonderfully written article about preserving your family treasures, the Practical Archivist blog was named one of the 4 best blogs […]

Reader Andrew Millard left a helpful tip in the comments section about a web site for dating British photographs: Andrew says: “It has a wide range of dated photographs that you can compare to your own undated ones.“ Thanks, Andrew! .

.Last month, Randy over at Genea-Musings found this wonderful photographic treasure in his Aunt Geraldine’s papers. He asked for input from readers to help date this pair of cased photographs. Randy’s post contains some great resources to help you date old photographs, so be sure to stop by. It’s nice to have resources pooled together […]

Today I got a link to a cool online collection of Penny Postcards from my brother Steve. Thanks, Steve-O! Click on the state and then on the county to see oldpenny postcards from that area…..pretty neat. I love this beautiful image of the Wisconsin Historical Society building. If you’ve traveled to Madison to dip into […]

Today I tried out a new video search tool called blinx. (Ugh. How much do you think they paid for that awful name, eh? Too much, no doubt.) It’s not a video hosting site like youtube, it just points to videos posted on other sites. There’s a nifty feature called The Wall which displays your […]

Don’t you just hate it when you search for something online and get a gazillion nonsense hits that have nothing whatsoever to do with what you were looking for? It doesn’t have to be that way. As I mentioned before, I’m a hopeless information geek. I went to grad school in Information Science fer cryin […]

In my last entry, I promised to share some of my favorite research tips. Today I’m going to share a brand new tip I just learned the other day. I’ve been a Google addict ever since I typed in “metropolitan museum of art” and clicked the “I feel lucky button” some time in either 1998 […]

Fill your iPod at unbeatable prices. The amazing Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project at the University of California at Santa Barbara includes 6,000 digitized wax-cylinder recordings dating back to 1895. The collection includes Tin Pan Alley music, vaudeville performances and advertisements.As the official press release says: “The primary goal of the project was to make […]