. I love this hilarious video of a wee one and the simple joy of tearing paper. It reminds me of the days when my kids were tiny and the wrapping paper was more interesting than the gift. Awww. But it’s also an easy-to-remember lesson about why the smallest members of the family shouldn’t be […]

MAJOR OOPS! Wired News – AP News Software error at Charter Communications deletes 14,000 email accounts. No chance of recovery (except for data backed up by customers) “There is no way to retrieve the messages, photos and other attachments that were erased from inboxes and archive folders across the country on Monday, said Anita Lamont, […]

Hard drive failure. It’s a nightmare, no doubt about it. And it will happen to you eventually. Here’s a quick tip on what you should never do if your hard drive crashes: Restart the machine. Why? Because accidentally deleted files could be overwritten. Permanently, irrevocably overwritten.Below is a peek at a damaged JPEG file. The […]

Tulsa’s buried car isn’t the only time capsule ruined by leaking water and mud. When I was a eight years old, my hometown decided to bury a time capsule. It was 1976 — the U.S.’s bicentennial — and everyone had History Fever! The opening of the time capsule was scheduled for July 4, 2000, which […]

One of the most basic rules of preservation is this: If you want something to last fifty years or more, do NOT store it underground.* Why oh why do otherwise rational humans insist on burying their treasures? What you see in the amazing photo above is the most common kind of damage you get when […]

After reading the following shocker in Dick Eastman’s email newsletter, I’m tempted to ask: Does anyone out there know of a complex digital archiving system that has actually improved access to government information? Anyone? Anyone at all? GRO Chaos: Local Registrars are told to Abandon Computer System The (London) Times newspaper has reported that hundreds […]