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Sometimes, you put a question out to the universe and something marvelous comes back. Just last week, I featured DIY Maven‘s neat-o method for antiquing paper using instant coffee. I mused about how cool it would be to dye photographs using coffee. Ersatz sepia. (Read the original post here.) Then I got an email from […]

The Randolph Linsly Simpson Collection presents a vivid picture of black life and American racial attitudes from the 1850s to the 1940s. It includes about 2,500 items, chiefly historical photographs, along with slave ship manifests, military medals, and civic trophies, postcards, stereo views of daily life in the old South, and more. Highlights of the […]

Fussy babies are nothing new. Photographers have always had tricks to calm the wee ones so they can be immortalized via photography. Keep in mind that earlier photographic processes had much longer exposure times. In other words, they required a lot more stillness to avoid a blurry photo. Last month, I showed you a slightly […]

Here is THE directory of experts in the conservation of photographs, paintings, manuscripts, books, textiles, artifacts, and electronic media of all kinds — including albums, tapes, video and film. Searchable by location and/or specialty. Neat-o. AIC FORM FOR SELECTING A CONSERVATOR.

Imagine it’s 1886. Everyone wants a portrait of the baby, who just won’t sit still for the camera long enough. Look very closely at this photo and you’ll see a clever trick to calm a fretful baby: Disguise the mother as a chairHere’s what the owner of this image says: I have a small collection […]

Today I got a link to a cool online collection of Penny Postcards from my brother Steve. Thanks, Steve-O! Click on the state and then on the county to see oldpenny postcards from that area…..pretty neat. I love this beautiful image of the Wisconsin Historical Society building. If you’ve traveled to Madison to dip into […]