If you’re tackling a family photo project, you’ll need to think about what kind of storage supplies will work best for you. Basically, you have two choices when choosing an album or photo storage box:1. Paper.2. Plastic. The good news is you can find high quality archival storage products made out of either material. But […]

I worry a lot about the fate of old sound recordings. Although recorded sound has only been around for a little over 100 years, our archives, basements and attics are bursting with a legacy of multiple obsolete formats. To add insult to injury, each time you play an original recording you destroy some of the […]

Yesterday — August 17, 2007 — was the CD’s 25th birthday. Who could have predicted that this little piece of plastic would become a common storage medium for digital documents and photographs? (Extra credit question: When was the last time you saw a floppy disk?) Who imagined back in the 80s that we’d be able […]