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ASK THE ARCHIVIST is real questions from regular family archivists just like you. Would you like to see your question here? Email me. Hi Sally, I happened to find your interesting blog by just poking around on the Internet. My question doesn’t fit neatly into one of the broader topics. Within the past week I […]

In my last post, I argued that item level description can be like accidentally ending up on a freight train to crazytown —¬† especially if your family archive is BIG and it includes boxes n’ boxes n’ boxes of historic treasures. This is also true if you’ve been left with an alarming number of unidentified […]

Every year around the “Gotta Get Organized!” time of year, I give away one free information product that helps folks just like you organize photo collections. This year, I asked my email list subscribers and readers to tell me about their greatest information need. We narrowed it down to two choices, and “How to Organize […]

Genealogists and family historians have swapped ancestor photos for as long as photography has been around. These days, it’s easier than ever to scan and share photos. But what can you do if your cousin sends you scans that look terrible? Becca has that problem, and she turned to The Practical Archivist for help. Hi […]

OK, it’s not available via iTunes — which I suspect means it’s not technically a “podcast” — but the MP3 recording of my recent radio show with Photo Archivist David Benjamin is yours to download. Topics Covered. For my archivist readers, I’ll explain it in archival speak: We covered processing plans, appraisal, weeding, artifactual vs. […]

Great news! The Practical Archivist is celebrating Archives Month by taking over the airwaves once again. On Monday, October 15th I’ll be co-hosting another radio call-in program on our local community radio station WORT-FM. This time around, photo archivist David Benjamin will join me. David is the Visual Materials archivist at the Wisconsin Historical Society […]