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by Sally J.

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10 Years Ago I..

  1. Hand coded my first website.
  2. Received my Master’s in Library Science with a Specialization in Archives Management.
  3. Began my job as Assistant Corporate Archivist / Image Researcher at American Girl.
  4. Turned thirty.
  5. Married the love of my life.

Five Things on Today’s To-Do List

  1. Wake up my kids, make them breakfast and pack lunches for them, walk with them to the bus stop.
  2. Shower, make myself breakfast, pack my lunch, and catch the city bus to my day job.
  3. While waiting for the bus, call my Mom to figure out what we’re doing about Thanksgiving since the usual family hosts are escaping to Australia this year.
  4. Write this post and (finally) update my Practical Archivist blog.
  5. Find an open reel machine that plays 1/4 inch tape — both 1/2 track and 1/4 track. (Figuring out exactly what that means was on my To Do list earlier this week. So was learning that nobody manufactures machines like this anymore.)

Five Snacks I Enjoy

  1. Curry chips
  2. (Very) dark chocolate
  3. Nicoise olives
  4. Salami and cheese
  5. Homemade popcorn …the best thing about not replacing our broken microwave!

Five Places I’ve Lived

  1. Chicago, IL
  2. Glencoe, IL
  3. Madison, WI
  4. Arlington, VA
  5. Dublin, Ireland

Five Jobs I’ve Had

  1. Short Order Cook (a.k.a. hamburger flipper)
  2. Pasta Maker
  3. Staple Puller*
  4. Historical Image Researcher
  5. Audio Archivist

*Worst. Job. Ever.

Five Blogs I Tag

  1. Family Matters (Denise Olson)
  2. Family Oral History (Susan Kitchens)
  3. Tracing the Tribe (Schelly Talalay Dardashti)
  4. Shades of the Departed (footnote Maven)
  5. Heart and Craft of Lifestory Writing (Sharon Lippincott)

Assuming tag-backs aren’t allowed, I want to be sure to mention two of my favorite bloggers, Lisa of Genealogy Gems and Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective. Thanks for tagging me and getting me out of blogging retirement!


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