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by Sally J.

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Sticky notes are fine for temporary files, but do NOT use them on family treasures like photographs, bibles, clippings and letters.

Check out this email conversation from the Archives & Archivists ListServ…

Subject: [archives] Leaving post-its on back of photos — how bad is this?

How bad is it to have post-its on the back of photos? The photos are inside archival clear sleeves, along with a post-it on the back. Thanks for any input….Linda

Subject: RE: [archives] Leaving post-its on back of photos — how bad is this?


Leaving Post-it notes or any adhesive materials directly on photographs can be destructive. If using post-its is your method of identification then the notes should be placed on the outside of the sleeves, not directly on the photographs.

Rebekah Tabah, MA
Photo Preservationist
Arizona Historical Foundation

The University of North Carolina (UNC) has a fantastic preservation program with a strong emphasis on public education. They state unequivacably that sticky notes are destructive to books.

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