Shhh…can you hear what your photos are saying?

by Sally J.

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Keep me.
Protect me.
Share me.

Sorry to be such a tool for Kodak, but some of you are going to love it as much as I do. They turn the schmaltz up to eleven* for this one. Excellent photo montage mixing classic historic photos with “this could be your life” snapshots. The kids, of course, are killer cute. If you’re a sentimental fool like me, better have a hanky ready before they get to the part with the gentleman in the bow tie.

I think the sentiment is spot-on: “Keep me. Protect me. Share me.”

I agree except, um, just between you and me? They aren’t *all* keepers.

Lose the dreck.

The good news is you’ll know the absolute keepers when you see them because they make you feel the way this commercial is trying to make you feel. Except it will be your real life and not some Madison Avenue fantasy.

*I stole this phrase from another Kodak video on youtube. This one was created for in-house only (there is some mild swearing that would never make it onto tv). Hy-larious stuff including: “Turn down your mini-disc and power up your Newton!”

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