Rotary Dial Modem (?)

by Sally J.


Great googly-moogly…a rotary dial modem!

Can you imagine? Would a rotary phone still work if you plugged one in today? Someone told me it would, but I’m skeptical for some reason. Help me out if you know, readers.

I learned about the retro comic from Wil Wheaton, who stumbled onto it while doing research for his Geek in Review column.

I came across one of the most awesomely demented things you will ever see in your life: a comic book, handed out by Radio Shack in the 80s called Whiz Kids. It was essentially an advertisement for their Tandy computers…

Awesomely demented. How can that not make you smile? Classic Wil. You won’t want to miss painful Whiz Kids dialog like:

Hey – do you think you can show us how color scripsit works, Shanna?

Read more here.

[Link via WWdN, a blog I visit just about daily.]

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