RIP VHS (Technological Obsolescence)

by Sally J.

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Obsolescence is the process of becoming obsolete, out of date, unusable. Technologies are always changing, and some formats simply don’t make the cut. Take a moment to think about what this means for the long term survival of your family treasures. The article below is a bit tongue in cheek, but still right on the money. And if you have home movies on VHS, you might want to think about having them transferred to DVD sooner rather than later.

Posted: Tue., Nov. 14, 2006, 8:00pm PT
VHS, 30, dies of loneliness

After a long illness, the groundbreaking home-entertainment format VHS has died of natural causes in the United States. The format was 30 years old. No services are planned. Born Vertical Helical Scan to parent JVC of Japan, the tape had a difficult childhood as it was forced to compete with Sony’s Betamax format. VHS is survived by a child, DVD, and by Tivo, VOD and DirecTV. It was preceded in death by Betamax, Divx, mini-discs and laserdiscs.

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