Recycle unwanted CDs and DVDs!

by Sally J.

CDs are cheap and plentiful, which is great for sharing digital files and making extra backup copies. But it also means there are (literally) tons of junk CDs lying around.

Instead of adding them to a landfill, why not get crafty and recycle them instead?

In addition to funky sculptures like the one you see to the left, you can create many delightful artifacts from your junk CDs:

  • Coasters
  • Disco ball
  • Hovercraft
  • Lamp
  • Candle stand
  • Window valance
  • Postcards
  • Memory books

For more information, visit my new favorite DIY site,

Top 10 Creative Ways to Recycle CDs

Readers of The Practical Archivist might also enjoy Curbly’s detailed instructions on how to create faux antique paper: How to Antique Paper.

The secret is using a cup of coffee plus instant coffee crystals (see Curbly’s photo, right) then baking out the water in a very slow oven. I wonder if you could print a photograph on regular paper and give it this treatment? Neat-o!

[Photo credit: Me. The sculpture’s in my neighbor’s garden. Tip of the hat to The Consumerist for the crafty link.]

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