Practical Archivist Kits & CDs

by Sally J.


The Joy of Organizing Photos CD ($25 +S&H)

How to Organize, Preserve, and Scan Your Photos…and how to write down the stories behind them. An entire distance learning home study course, pre-recorded and burned to a CD so it’s ready when you are. Rip it onto your computer and into iTunes, then add it to your iPod or your phone.

Get your copy of  this ready-to-download digital version for a fraction of the original price. Same great content, new budget-friendly pricing.

.You get 4 hours of recorded class instruction plus 6 hours of archived web chats and recorded phone discussions…for only $25. That’s a fraction of the cost of the live class. Yep, this is just about everything I want you to know about how to organize, preserve and share your family photographs all bundled into one digital kit.

Click here to learn more about what’s included and to purchase your very own CD copy.



(Easy Peasy) Photo Rescue Kit ($25 + S&H)

You know what I call those magnetic albums that were popular in the 70s and 80s?

“Chemical Sandwiches of Dooooom”



Lucky for you, I created an Easy Peasy way to rescue your photos using a “microspatula”

If I were to design a safe removal tool from scratch, this is exactly what I would create.

1. It’s sturdy, but also a wee bit flexible.

2. It’s long enough that you can use it sitting in a comfortable position instead of hunched over.

3. It doesn’t have any sharp edges that could accidentally ruin your photo. It’s a separating tool, not a cutting tool.

Click here to learn specific details about what’s in the kit and how it can help you rescue these at-risk photos. In addition to the microspatula WONDERTOOL, you’ll get 2 different pencils and a pair of white cotton gloves. That same link at the beginning of this paragraph is also how you will place your order.



Why are some Practical Archivist kits available only part of the year?

The only way I can keep prices as low as they are is to purchase from archival suppliers in large quantities. I don’t have a warehouse, so I’m not in a position to order ahead in bulk. Another factor is they way assembling and shipping giant boxes full of empty boxes takes over our house (and our lives). It’s not hard to see why we keep it to one month per year only for the big kits. That month is October, which also happens to be American Archives Month *and* Family History Month.


A note about returns.

I work very hard to describe my products accurately, so there shouldn’t be any confusion about what you are ordering. Having said that, I have a generous return policy and will replace damaged items at no additional cost to you. Just ask half of the first-ever customers who purchased a FASK. Ouch, yes, that’s a true story. Now I personally check every metal edge of every box before I ship it out the door.



Available Again October 1, 2015:

Family Archivist Survival Kit (FASK) ($146 + S&H)


All the boxes and envelopes in this kit have passed the Photographic Activity Test or PAT — the only Independent 3rd Party Test that shows enclosures will not react with your photographs and cause damage over time.

You get 3 boxes that will safely store most sizes of photos and paper ephemera, including oversize prints up to 11×4 inches. Around my house, we call the FASK the Big Kit and the whole family helps out with our only-in-October-sales.

You also get a pair of white cotton gloves, two kids of pencils (I take this stuff very seriously, you have no idea) and a wonder tool called a microspatula.

In addition to the boxes, envelopes, folders, pencils (2 kinds!) you need for safe photo storage… you also get the information you need to do it once and do it right. Every kit ships with a CD chock-full of over 10 hours of instruction as recorded MP3s and PDF handouts and worksheets.

NOTE: All sales are pre-order, which means even though your will order your kit in October, it will not ship until after Thanksgiving. Click here to go to the Family Archivist Survival Kit page for all the details.



How to De-Clutter Photos Like an Archivist ($92 +S&H)

~ Limited Time Only ~ Sales were sluggish in Spring 2015, if you’re interested in this kit send me an email and let me know. You can find my email and my mobile office phone number on the About / Contact page. I’m thinking about retiring this kit altogether ~

De-ClutterCollageIs 2015 the year you finally toss the clutter in your photo collection so it will be easier and less expensive to treat the keepers right? Purchase one of my De-Clutter kits and it can be.

How To De-Clutter Photos Like an Archivist is available NOW thru 4/30/15.

This kit includes archival storage for up to 1,000 prints sized 4×6 and smaller; white gloves, two pencils and a microspatula; over 6 hours of  workshop content about how to de-clutter, organize, preserve your photos — both analog and digitally. You’ll even get tips on how to safely scan your vintage photo treasures, plus an easy-peasy writing method for capturing the stories behind your photos.

“The shortest pencil is better than the longest memory.”

Every How to De-Clutter Photos Like an Archivist kit includes a copy of my Joy of Organizing Photos workshop on CD, plus my popular Photo Rescue Kit.

Wanna know all the details about what comes in your kit? The sales page will answer all your questions. Click here to learn more

Just Click the Read Now button to learn more, or to place an order.

Offer ends when Spring Cleaning Fever ends, which I figure is April 30th.