Link Round Up

by Sally J.

NOTE: Last chance to listen to (or download) my Archives Month podcast with the fan-tabulous David Benjamin. He’s a Photo Archivist at the Wisconsin Historical Society and one of my favorite people. The show we did back in October will only be up for a few more days.

How-to instructions plus a list of topics covered are here.


Here are some nifty new finds
from the Inter Tubes:

Collector’s Weekly. Wow, what a find! Gorgeous to look at and packed with reviews of the best collectors websites out there. One stop shopping for the choicest sites. Collector’s Weekly has it all: Bitters Bottles to 78 RPM to Princess Telephones.

• Technically, Kevin found me…and boy howdy am I glad he did. His Library Preservation blog is full of interesting stuff like Mold Destroys Michigan Library and Scrapbook Preservation tips.

Me? I’m excited about the report on The Great Migration: Audio Preservation in the Digital Age. Because (1) I am a total geek and (2) magnetic tape is decaying fast and there are fewer and fewer vendors manufacturing new tape, which means digital is our only option. It’s gonna be a HUGE migration. Let’s hope we don’t %#^&* it up. Gulp.

• Just for giggles, here’s a collection of bizarre data disaster horror stories from 2007, including a man in Thailand who sprayed the interior of his hard drive with insect repellent.

Best Ever Darth Vader Genealogy Joke.

Best Ever Spam Revenge:


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