Like a bad penny…

by Sally J.


I’m back from my much needed vacation. Two delightful family vacations, actually. With a visit to the Society of American Archivists’ annual conference in Chicago in between. In Chicago, I had a chance to gab with fellow archival bloggers, which was fab.

So, yeah. I’m back. Woo hoo! But folks, I gotta tell ya — it was so so so gratifying to unplug for a spell. I hope you didn’t miss me too much. Thanks to everyone who checked in via email while I was gone. That was sweet.

Lot of stuff happened while I was gone, including a major uproar in the online genealogical community. Who knew such nice folks could be so scrappy in a throwdown? Long story short, one of the major genie companies ( cached entire websites without permission, and then turned around and sold the content to subscribers. For about 24 hours, anyway. Until the bloggers got whiff of it and essentially shut down the “Internet Biographical Database.” More dish to come, for those of you who missed it.

I’ll also post about the oldest treasures owned and used by Practical Archivist readers, including yours truly. Before I do that, though, I need to get some more information about a footstool made by my husband’s great (great?) grandfather. So there’s still time to share your own treasures. All you have to do is leave a comment here. Anonymous comments are OK, spammy comments (as always) are not.

Retro Selecto [photo credit]. How about that vintage telephone ad up there? Dreamy, isn’t it? I have a serious weakness for punchcards. Do Not Fold, Spindle or Mutilate, heh. I found it on the supremely cool new blog from the mad geniuses at Boing Boing. It’s called Boing Boing Gadgets and oh man is it delicious.

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