Entertaining History: The one about the librarian vs. the computer

by Sally J.

in Entertaining History

Desk Set: Librarian Vs. ComputerThe year is 1967.

Katherine Hepburn plays a successful corporate librarian named Bunny (Bunny!) who runs the research department at a major television network.

She’s engaged to a cute guy who I would describe as a Zero. The thing is, Bunny is smart. Really smart. Almost spooky smart.

Bunny shares her brilliancy with her Cute/Zero boyfriend, who turns them over to his boss at the corporation. Somehow he forgets to mention that he didn’t do any of the work.

Zero gets promoted, Bunny gets zero credit for her knowledge and ideas.

Spencer Tracy plays an engineer, but these days we would call him an “efficiency expert.” He shows up to install a GIGANTIC ROOM SIZE COMPUTER which will answer corporate reference questions much more…efficiently.

Questions that can only be answered by viewing Desk Set yourself:


    • Will Bunny dump her zero of a fiancee for Spencer Tracy? (OMG let’s hope so. He’s been climbing the corporate ladder based on her work. Tsk, tsk.)


    • Will the computer answer reference questions better than Bunny’s research staff can?


    • And if so…will staff lose their jobs?
    • And, honestly, people — could the female computer operator be any more uptight?(Spoiler Alert: No. Absolutely not.)


Borrow Desk Set from your local library or rent if from your favorite shop. But if you plan to buy it, I’d appreciate it if you use the Amazon link, below. When you use that link to purchase anything from Amazon — even items that aren’t in my store, like iPods and music CDs and lawn mowers — Amazon gives me a fraction of the money you give them. Your price remains exactly the same, but I get a little tip. Thanks! :)


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