You know you’ve been gone a long time when…

by Sally J.

in Free Articles / Blog

…this kind of idiotic spam shows up in the comments:

If you are looking for reliable security guards who can act as doorkeepers for your company with devotion and effectiveness, then without further delay, come in touch with [our security company]. Just approach servel security online and find the right security guard.

::rolly eyes::

Although archival institutions do, indeed, require security protection — it’s a stretch but I’ll let them have that — who in their right mind hires *security protection* from blog comment spam? It boggles the mind.

I have Askimet on the new WP blog, which is supposed to prevent this sort of thing from happening. This goofy security comment popped up in on my older Blogger blog.

P.S. I removed the spammer’s URL and replaced it with something funnier — so it’s safe to go ahead and click on that link.

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