I’m the kind of person who subscribes to the “Queen for a Day” rule for birthdays.

Here’s just one example: Ever since I worked at Half Price Books in the early 1990s — where everyone on staff got an extra comp day for their birthday which they were free to “spend” however and whenever they wanted — I have always taken a vacation day on my birthday, August 1st. It’s one of my favorite rules to live by.

This year is no exception, but for the first time I’m bringing you in on the celebration.

Hey, guess what? When you’re the CEO and the President as well the entire sales and marketing team you can pivot on the whim of one power mad Birthday Girl. You know, like create a free shipping sale that spreads the fun, saves my fans money and fills up the old PayPal account at the same time…just in time for hosting my favorite party of the year. Win/Win, Ya’ll.


Joy Free ShippingTherefore:


I am declaring the upcoming week “FREE SHIPPING ON ALL CDs WEEK” here at Practical Archivist Global Headquarters.

(Maybe you can help me with the name, actually. It’s not my most creative work, but it’s my birthday week and I’m done with that to-do task for now.)


For the next week, I’m gonna pick up the shipping and handling charges for everyone who buys a copy of my Joy of Organizing Photos CD.


For $25, you get pretty much everything I can teach you in half a day about how to organize, preserve and share your most treasured family photographs…burned onto a CD and shipped to your door for free!




Hurry, free shipping only lasts thru
Sunday, August 3rd.


Want to learn more about what’s on this CD? You can get ALL the details by clicking this link: http://joyoforganizingphotos.com or clicking the image, above.


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