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There are oodles of Practical Archivist articles for you to enjoy, with information and tips to help you organize, preserve and share your family treasures and the stories they hold. The only question : Where would you like to start?


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How to De-Clutter and Organize Photos

 My advice in a nutshell? Lose the drek and find the joy in your photos! Because we put so much value on the photographs that mean the most to us, we sometimes get confused and start to think that every photograph must be precious. This is simply not true, and the more you keep the harder it will be for anyone to find the treasures. Use this link to see articles about organizing photos and other  materials in your family archive.

Preserve and Protect Family Treasures:

Learn about how damage occurs and (even more importantly) how you can  prevent it from happening to your heirlooms and sentimental treasures. Use this link to read up on basic preservation of items like photographs, letters, family bibles and clothing.