Ermadene Follows My Advice, Saves Family Photos from Destruction

by Sally J.

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You know why you should follow my advice? Because I know what I’m talking about, that’s why. ūüėČ

Ermadene is one of my star pupils. Not only did she pay attention during our teleclasses, she followed through on my advice and moved her irreplaceable family photos away from a known hazard.

Best of all, Ermadene was kind enough to let me know via email how valuable my class was for her, which means I can let her tell you in her own words.

Prior to the class my precious¬†ancestor and family photos, movies, videos and linen heirlooms¬†were vulnerable to damage due to the way I was storing them.¬† The class taught me how to store them all properly.¬† This was good because two weeks ago our hot water heater flooded¬†where¬†some of the photos had been.¬† Because of Sally’s classes I had moved them to a¬†different location¬†and they were not damaged.¬† How¬†is that for timing!!¬† Thank you, Sally!!
Pretty cool, huh? I’m still glowing about it because of course this is exactly why I keep trying to find new ways to teach what I know. It’s not rocket science, it’s just reducing risk. Totally do-able. Just ask Ermadene.

You, Too Can Avoid Water Damage:

  • Don’t store your family treasures near a water heater.
  • Don’t store your family treasures in any basement that is prone to flooding.Don’t store your family treasures under a pipe that could burst.
  • Don’t store your family treasures under an attic roof that might leak or (even worse) open up dramatically and unexpectedly when something like a tree limb comes crashing through…

Anne Lindgren July 31, 2011 at 9:29 pm

I offer a photo and slide scanning service that saves those precious images from destruction, using Library of Congress Standard workflow and archival data storage. I am always grateful to the families for taking the time to have their memories saved for posterity and uploading them to the Web Gallery for all the family to enjoy.
Living close to Joplin and watching the spent storm going Northwest of my house, I am very familiar with the fragility of the family photos. Please digitize your photos and slides.

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