Does Microsoft’s new format spell the end of JPEG?

by Sally J.

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Has it ever occurred to you that JPEG could disappear?

Seems impossible, I know. But digital preservation isn’t only about the recording media. Let’s suspend reality for a moment and pretend that DVDs really will last forever. You still need to have software that can convert 1’s and 0’s into a photo of a chubby smiling baby. And a compatible machine to run the software.

Here’s a quote from a recent Computerworld article.

Microsoft Corp. will soon submit to an international standards organization a new photo format…

The format, HD Photo — recently renamed from Windows Media Photo — is taking aim at the JPEG format, a 15-year-old technology widely used in digital cameras and image applications.

Listen, I don’t have any special psychic abilities. I can’t predict the future. But I know what has happened in the past when Microsoft sets it’s eye on something.

You do the math.

And then order prints of your favorite digital photos. The ones your future grand kids should have a chance to see.

[link via Slashdot]


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