Practical Archivist’s $25 Pre-Paid Consult: Here’s How It Works

by Sally J.

* photographs * negatives * home movies * letters * office records * paper ephemera * diaries * family bibles * christening gowns * wedding gowns * military uniforms * children’s artwork *
(plus any of the above in digital format)


The Basics:

  • Each consult is by phone and lasts 25 minutes.
  • There are two options for the phone call:

Option 1: We both call in to my bridge line (U.S. area code) and you get a downloadable recorded MP3 copy of your consult at no additional charge. You are responsible for the cost of your phone call to the bridge line.
Option 2:  I call you at the phone number of your choosing, as long as the number has a U.S. area code. (Option 1 is your only choice if you live outside the U.S.)

  • Available Consult Times are listed at the bottom of this page:
  • All payments must be via PayPal (all major credit cards accepted) There are no other payment options. Please do not ask me for an exception, it will only make me cranky.

How It Works:

  • Choose a day and time from the Available Times listed below.
  • Fill out the $25 Consult Request Form below. Add a description of your question(s) and/or dilemma. Let me know which time slot you prefer, but please include 2 alternates just in case.
  • If your question is too big to address in a shorter consult, I’ll let you know — so it’s important that you be as accurate as you can in your description.
  • Next, I will send you an invoice via PayPal for $25 using the email you provided on the form. If you are lucky enough to live in Wisconsin, you also get to pay sales tax. Once that’s paid, your slot is secured. If 48 hours passes and you still haven’t paid that PayPal invoice, your time slot will be released for sale to another customer.
  • If you need to reschedule, send me an email or call my mobile office. (My email address and phone number will be in the invoice)

Available Times:

NOTE: All times are U.S. Central. Also known as Chicago Time.

  • SUN August 12th 3:05-3:30 pm
  • SUN August 12th 3:45-4:10 pm
  • SUN August 12th 4:30-4:55 pm
  • TUE August  14th 7:05-7:30 pm
  • TUE August  14th 7:35-8:00 pm
  • SUN August 19th 3:05-3:30 pm</li>
  • SUN August 19th 3:45-4:10 pm
  • SUN August 19th 4:30-4:55 pm
  • WED August 22nd 7:05-7:30 pm
  • WED August 22nd 7:35-8:00 pm
  • SUN August 26th 3:05-3:30 pm
  • SUN August 26th 3:45-4:10 pm
  • SUN August 26th 4:30-4:55 pm
  • WED August 29th 7:05-7:30 pm
  • WED August 29th 7:35-8:00 pm