Denise over at Family Matters tagged me as part of a genealogy bloggers “get acquainted” exercise. Here’s my five things about myself that you probably don’t know: I never wanted to be an archivist when I grew up. When I applied to the University of Wisconsin – Madison as a high school senior, I was […]

Yesterday I goofed. I forgot to credit the blog where I learned about that nifty procrastination formula. I should have included this line at the end of my entry: Link via Wil Wheaton. Gazillions of people have heard of Wil because of this sci-fi TV show he used to be on, but I remember him […]

Fill your iPod at unbeatable prices. The amazing Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project at the University of California at Santa Barbara includes 6,000 digitized wax-cylinder recordings dating back to 1895. The collection includes Tin Pan Alley music, vaudeville performances and advertisements.As the official press release says: “The primary goal of the project was to make […]