I have a big goofy sentimental attachment to cassette tapes. My personal archive has at least a half dozen mixtapes and original recordings that I can’t bear to part with. Our house also has a drawer full of random cassettes that no one ever plays. Evah. Now that we can hook up the ipod to […]

. When I get nifty geeky email, I like to pass it along: Dear Sally I enjoy your blog. This appeared on another list,and seemed right up your street. Andrew Millard A real thrill for the computer historian; see the very first computer“bug” preserved as a museum specimen..

Imagine it’s 1886. Everyone wants a portrait of the baby, who just won’t sit still for the camera long enough. Look very closely at this photo and you’ll see a clever trick to calm a fretful baby: Disguise the mother as a chairHere’s what the owner of this image says: I have a small collection […]

The Wisconsin Historical Society is celebrating the first mass produced typewriter. There’s a wonderful five-minute read on their website. It also includes links to more information. Highlights include: Bigger, juicier photos. This beautiful antique makes my iPod look cold, lifeless and dead. And I lurrrve my iPod. It wasn’t the inventor who licensed the technology […]

Anyone who’s played photographer at family functions knows that, even if everyone stays perfectly still, there’s always someone who blinks. Here’s an article explaining how many shots you need to take in order to (almost) guarantee you get one where no-one is blinking. Fortunately, someone has devised a formula: The probability of one person not […]

Sure, winter in Wisconsin is cold (sometimes really cold). And dark (sometimes way too dark). But it can also be delightful. Last weekend, we got about 20″ of snow. Good packing snow, as we like to say. I dug around in our boxes of craft supplies for something that could pass for coal and discovered […]

Don’t you just hate it when you search for something online and get a gazillion nonsense hits that have nothing whatsoever to do with what you were looking for? It doesn’t have to be that way. As I mentioned before, I’m a hopeless information geek. I went to grad school in Information Science fer cryin […]

Ah, yes. New technologies can be baffling. This hilarious clip is from a Norwegian TV show, 2001. I love that a few English words can be heard such as “text” and “whatever.” ENJOY!

Sign of the times. My laptop is set to scan for wifi signals automatically. There’s a simple pulldown menu (yay mac!) that shows me the strength of the signal plus any other signals it’s picking up that moment. When I checked my airport connection this morning, I noticed two other wifi signals. By the time […]

“It is a sad fact of human history that so many efforts to record the milestones of human endeavors have failed over the centuries, but the enduring wonder is that so much has survived the long haul.” Nicholas BasbaneA Splendor of Letters “The Rock and Roll History Museum is an impenetrable fortress!” Ben Stiller as […]