Last Day for Shipping Today (Sunday, August 3rd) is the last day for free shipping on Practical Archivist CDs. To learn what kind of information I’ve made available on CD — and how it can help you organize, preserve and share your family photo treasures — click here. . To find out the reason behind […]

. You know how sometimes you click on a link and get an error message that says something like: 404 File Not Found? Apelad created a set of illustrations for these kinds of HTTP error messages. You can see all of them in his flickr set. My favorite is the one you see above. It’s […]

While I was away on various summer vacations, I missed a major brouhaha in the online genealogical community. There have been many, many pixels spilled on this topic already, so I’ll try to be brief. For those of you who don’t know, Ancestry.com is part of the largest for-profit genealogy company in the world. (Source: […]

I don’t know about you, but need a break from all the headaches of digital preservation. Lots of questions and speculation, very few concrete answers. I’ll return to this topic in a while (I promise) but until then, let’s take a break and have a bit of fun, eh? The video above is a delightful […]

Sometimes, you put a question out to the universe and something marvelous comes back. Just last week, I featured DIY Maven‘s neat-o method for antiquing paper using instant coffee. I mused about how cool it would be to dye photographs using coffee. Ersatz sepia. (Read the original post here.) Then I got an email from […]

Got about 3 minutes to spare? Check out this crazy cool video from seb martel. It’s chock full of beautiful anachronisms. There’s even a steel guitar (be still my heart). P.S. Can anyone out there translate the French for me?

Fussy babies are nothing new. Photographers have always had tricks to calm the wee ones so they can be immortalized via photography. Keep in mind that earlier photographic processes had much longer exposure times. In other words, they required a lot more stillness to avoid a blurry photo. Last month, I showed you a slightly […]

Holy beautiful anachronism, Batman! I just learned you can buy a kit and make your own tintype photographs. It’s called “Tintype Parlor” and here’s the description: An authentic re-creation of the tintype process, a type of “instant” photography that was popular in your great-grandparent’s day. These are authentic dry-plate tintypes, also known as ferrotypes, like […]

I have a big goofy sentimental attachment to cassette tapes. My personal archive has at least a half dozen mixtapes and original recordings that I can’t bear to part with. Our house also has a drawer full of random cassettes that no one ever plays. Evah. Now that we can hook up the ipod to […]

. When I get nifty geeky email, I like to pass it along: Dear Sally I enjoy your blog. This appeared on another list,and seemed right up your street. Andrew Millard A real thrill for the computer historian; see the very first computer“bug” preserved as a museum specimen..