* How to PRESERVE Family History Treasures

I am not a crafty gal, but lucky for me I have friends who are. Like bekee, who’s taking a break from knitting this month, but has created beautiful treasures like this and this. She pointed me to this nifty way to preserve flowers using Borax. Full instructions here. According to the manufacturer, this preservation […]

I got an email from a new subscriber to my newsletter. He was asking me to update my (free-with-subscription) ebook on scanning family photos. He suggested I include the option of storing digital photos to flash drives. Will I make that change? That depends on the answer to some important questions: How long can we […]

I don’t plan to do this kind of blog entry on a regular basis. But last week I got an email from Expedia.com with the following subject line: URGENT: PLEASE CALL Flight change for SALLYJ JACOBS Whoa! Look at ALL THOSE CAPS. They must have canceled one of my flights or something. Yikes! What am […]

Most people protect the play side of their discs (the “bottom”) and don’t think about the label side at all. Big mistake. The protective layer of plastic is actually thinner on the label side than on the bottom. Click here for a handy-dandy cutaway drawing. One quick glance will explain what the heck I’m trying […]

The guys at Retro Thing have an entry about formats that disappear. In this case, it’s a reel-to-reel video tape. And no, they don’t have a machine to play it on. Yet. Which reminds me, folks — when we talk about digital preservation it’s not just about the medium that holds the information (tape, CD, […]