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A few years back, I did a call-in radio show on WORT-FM.  At the very last moment when I was on the air, I got a question that I ended up taking off the air. The question was from someone who had inherited a large box of negatives. She had a really smart question and […]

So I’ve known about animated gifs for a while, but I never tried to create one until now. Can’t imagine a better set of historic photos to animate than the bizarre chapter of the Nixon presidency when Elvis came by for a visit: Elvis was traveling with some guns and his collection of police badges, […]

ACK! I lost my phone last week, but I’m happy to report that I did not lose a single photo. I’m releived and grateful and, frankly, proud of myself. Because I didn’t just think about doing it. I actually pulled copies onto my laptop I’m paying it forward by reminding you to GET YOUR PHOTOS OFF […]

So, I’m down to only a few hard copies of my “8 Blunders People Make When They Scan Photos” booklet, and I thought I’d make the next version a little more interesting to look at. Here’s my first attempt, what do you think?     The booklet is 8.5 x 11 sheets folded over once. […]

I realized this week that it’s getting close to 40 years since America celebrated its Bicentennial. My small home town (technically a village) went all-in on the celebrations. We painted all the fire hydrants and mail boxes red, white and blue. Put up extra bunting in addition to the regular 4th of July bunting. Here’s a picture […]

The one where I swear it’s impossible to give you a number…and then I sort of do.

Share via Tweet How to create a better file name than “0083423.TIFF” for your scanned photos…but also better than “aunt_marge_1964_retirement_marge+lisa+kenneth+unknown” Don’t Overlook File Management Just like you shouldn’t scan without a plan for where to store your new digital files, you shouldn’t scan without a plan for naming those files. It might seem like you […]

Share via Tweet ASK THE ARCHIVIST is real questions from regular family archivists just like you. Would you like to see your question here? Email me. Hi Sally, I happened to find your interesting blog by just poking around on the Internet. My question doesn’t fit neatly into one of the broader topics. Within the […]

Since I started my Practical Archivist blog back in 2005, I’ve spent a lot of time encouraging and helping people to ditch their photo clutter.  So far, I’ve focused on the shoeboxes and envelopes and drawers filled with photo clutter from the 60s-70s-80s and 90s. Now I’ve made it my goal to get you to […]

Here in the American Midwest, we’re familiar with the problem of seasonal flooding. We love to build our houses near gorgeous bodies of water, but that means a higher risk. Back in May 2008, the Wisconsin Dells lost Lake Delton. As in: It completely emptied out. And when it did, it took trees and handful […]