Beautifully anachronistic Victorian steampunk computer

by Sally J.

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I don’t know about you, but need a break from all the headaches of digital preservation. Lots of questions and speculation, very few concrete answers.

I’ll return to this topic in a while (I promise) but until then, let’s take a break and have a bit of fun, eh?

The video above is a delightful peek into Datamancer’s steampunk workshop.

What is steampunk?

This video from the Wall Street Journal is a nice introduction to the genre. For more info, check out the Wikipedia entry or visit one of my favorite steampunk blogs:

P.S. I love how Mr. Datamancer weilds that leatherman tool thing-a-majig. A cross between a Zippo trick and a rock n’ roll drummer. Hooray for the tinkers!

UPDATE: According to Sneaky Business, there could be an off-the-shelf steampunk laptop available in the future. If it starts with a key, I will swoon.


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