Ask the Archivists – Free podcast available

by Sally J.

OK, it’s not available via iTunes — which I suspect means it’s not technically a “podcast” — but the MP3 recording of my recent radio show with Photo Archivist David Benjamin is yours to download.

Topics Covered.

For my archivist readers, I’ll explain it in archival speak: We covered processing plans, appraisal, weeding, artifactual vs. informational value, digital migration and storage environment.

For everyone else, here’s what we covered in regular English:

1. How to get started with a large photo project.
2. How to decide what to keep.
3. What to do with the stuff you don’t want to keep.
4. Whether you should save original newspaper or copy it onto acid-free paper.
5. How to ensure that your digital photos will last as long as possible.
6. The best place to store your photographs.

Plus questions from callers: What to do with slides, and what on earth is going on when the colors of your digital prints don’ t match what you see on your screen.

How to listen to and/or download our 60 minute show.

Visit this web site:

Scroll down a bit till you find the Access Hour dated Monday, October 15, 2007.

In the right hand column you will see two choices: Play and Download.

Choose your poison, as they say. If you don’t want to keep a copy or add it to your iPod, you can simply listen to it online and move on. If you’d like to keep a copy (hi, Mom!) right click on ‘download’ and choose ‘save target as’.

FYI, the recording will only remain online until about December 10, 2007.

Rights: You are welcome to keep a copy for yourself and pass it along as long as you don’t sell it.



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