Another hidden mom photo, this one a tintype

by Sally J.

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Fussy babies are nothing new. Photographers have always had tricks to calm the wee ones so they can be immortalized via photography.

Keep in mind that earlier photographic processes had much longer exposure times. In other words, they required a lot more stillness to avoid a blurry photo.

Last month, I showed you a slightly spooky photo where mom was cleverly disguised as a chair.

I’m happy to report that Swapatorium has a new vintage portrait to share with the world.

This time, mom is crouching behind and holding the child around the waist. You can see her behind the chair.

To hide her arm, the photographer hand painted a blue sash directly to the tintype.

Read a little more about this intriguing image at Swapatorium, a great source for online treasures.

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