Live class is over, but don't despair!

See below for download link for free mp3 recording of the class.


This is the free class by telephone where I try to get you to think like an archivist in under an hour.

To which you might ask: One hour? Is that even possible?

My reply: Only one way to find out, my friend!


3 Secrets Every Archivist Knows 

That Will Help you Organize, Preserve and Share Your Family Photographs 


In this class, I reveal three "secrets" every archivist knows that will help you organize, preserve and share your family photos. As I like to say: "Your great-great grandaughter will thank you."

Download the MP3 recording by clicking this link: 3SecretsOctober2009.mp3

To save the file to your own computer, right-click or Ctrl-click instead of plain-old-click. 



Would you like to create a proper archive for your most treasured family photographs...

But you're not sure where or how to start?

The Practical Archivist created a video tour of the archival photo boxes that she uses to store her own family collections.

Oversize items? No problem. There's a kit for that. Stacks of loose prints? Yep. Got that covered, too.

*NOTE: The kit you see in the video is not currently for sale, but will return in October, 2010 -- which also happens to be Archives Month. In the meantime, similar boxes and envelopes can be purchased from archival supply companies like Gaylord and Metal Edge. 




Date: Monday, October 12, 2009
Start Time: 02:00 PM Central Daylight Time
End Time: 03:30 PM Central Daylight Time
Dial-in Number: 1-605-475-6333 (Midwest)
Participant Access Code:  451092

What will I hear when I call in?

"Welcome to your conference call....When you have entered the conference please announce yourself. You can push 4 for options. Please enter your pre-assigned access code, followed by the # sign now."

You will then press the following keys: 451092#

Since we are recording this class, you will need to consent to being recorded before you can join the call. As I mentioned before, if you don't want to ask a question anonymously you'll need to use a fake name.

"Only the presenter can be heard."
The class will begin in presentation mode, which means I'm the only one who can be heard. Therefore, there is no reason to announce yourself when you join the call. Even though the nice lady in the welcome message suggested that. You'll just have to ignore her. When it's time for questions, I will change the overall setting of the call so you ask a question and be heard. When we are in Q&A mode, all you have to do to unmute yourself is push *6.

What will I hear if I call in early? Until I start the call at 2pm Central Time, you will hear music. If you really want to be on the live call, I suggest you dial in a little early.There are only 150 seats on this call.

Can I join the call after the start time? Yes, please feel free to join us whenever you can. I've turned off the annoying chime option that makes a "bing!" noise anytime someone enters or exits the class. Keep in mind that if the line is full, you will not be able to join the call.